Occupy Astoria LIC Invites Everyone to Join Us For
A Day of Public Outrage and Education, Wed June 27
At the Citigroup Building in Long Island City.

Citicorp Bldg in LIC is the tallest NYC building outside Manhattan

#OccupyTheCiti with us from 8am to 8pm on J27!
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1: Why Occupy the Citi? What Are Our Grievances?

Four years ago, Citigroup and other major Wall Street banks caused the most dramatic financial crash since 1929. The institutions responsible for the resulting world-wide misery are a public danger. They should have been liquidated. The executives should have been fired, and subjected to criminal investigation. What happened instead? Banks bailed out by the public continue to profit from predatory actions, and We the People continue to pay the price. Where money controls politics, Wall Street is above the law… (read more)

2: Why Aren’t We Making Demands?

The Citi That Always Cheats: Two Hundred Years Are Enough

As it celebrates its 200-year anniversary, the time has come for Citigroup to be put to sleep. Citigroup is a model for the Wall Street greed, fraud and failure that have devastated the lives of millions of people. In 2010, Citigroup made $4 billion in profits and paid no taxes. How about you? We’d like to imagine we could make demands of such an organization, or appeal to the consciences of its executives. Citi’s history tells us otherwise… (read more)

3: Our Message Is To Our Fellow People –
Especially the People Working At Citigroup

On June 27 we will be at the plaza in front of the Citigroup Building in Long Island City. This is a fully public space under the building owners’ contract with New York City. We will not be there to ask favors from Citigroup, but to speak to We, the People. We know a great many good people work in this building, just to make a living for yourselves and your families. Our action is not against you, and we invite you to visit our event. We are all the 99 percent… (read more)

4: Citigroup Facts And Reference Material

We have collected some relevant readings. Check back again, as we will be adding leaflets and promotional materials for J27: Occupy The Citi, Long Island City… (read more)

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