Not In Our Town! Astoria and New York City
Rally To Reject Neo-Nazi “Golden Dawn”

More than 200 people from Astoria & everywhere at October 9th gathering.
Follow-up Meeting: Tuesday Oct. 16

October 9th Stop Golden Dawn rally in Astoria

1: Statement by Occupy Astoria LIC

We, the membership of Occupy Astoria LIC, hereby express our vehement opposition to the attempt of the Greek neo-Nazi “Golden Dawn” Party to establish a presence in New York City… (read more)

2: Report & Video: Meeting Against “Golden Dawn”

A crowd of over 220 people met at the Church of the Redeemer in Astoria, NY to express their opposition to the recent appearance of the neo-Nazi ‘Golden Dawn’ in New York City. The event, which took place in October 9, was organized by Occupy Astoria/LIC, NY Aristeri Kinisi (Left Movement), Strike Debt, Situations: Project of the Radical Imagination and the socialist newspaper ‘Justice’, among others…. (read more)

3: Opening Statement at Meeting

We want to make the most of this evening. We want to leave here with a plan, with a sense of coalition going forward. We want to act together, not just in the struggle against neo-fascists of all varieties, but in the struggle for a different world – the struggle to transform this world – to end the system that produces neo-fascists as only the most horrible of its evils… (read more)

Next “SGD” Meeting: This Tuesday, same time & place.

October 9th Stop Golden Dawn rally in Astoria