Which Way, G.A.?

The 25-person “Occupy Neighborhood” meeting last Sunday (6/9) at Left Forum 2013 included people from New York neighborhood general assemblies in Kensington, Harlem, Astoria/LIC and Sunset Park, and also from OccuEvolve, Granny Peace Brigade, Green Party, “No 7-11” and La Jornada. Others came from as far away as Syracuse, Vermont, St. Louis, Los Angeles and Spain. Sofya Aptekar has produced a record of it in nine parts on the Occupy Astoria LIC youtube channel. (Further comments, see FB event.)

1) Which New York Occupys Are in the House (0:00)? Opening statement by Nicholas Levis, Occupy Astoria LIC (5:00).

2) …Levis. Nellie Hester Bailey, Harlem General Assembly (2:49).

3) …Bailey. Eleanor Rodgers, Occupy Kensington (7:22). Golden Farms.

4) …Rodgers. Comments on Panel (5:00). Introductions (8:40).

5) …Intros. Sunset Park report (8:05). What Is Our One Question? (11:16).

6) Discussion. Neighborhoods, real estate, confronting atomization…

7) Discussion. Being the media, politicians…

8) Spain, creating our own spaces (Occupy Cafe), joining block associations…

9) Participating in elections? Toward a Peoples Assembly?

Not the End But Au Revoir
Photo, video: Sofya Aptekar.