Update: Carne Ross, Alexis Goldstein, Katie Robbins
And Reverend Billy Among Speakers on June 27
– Watch For Surprise Guests!

Alexis Goldstein, Reverend Billy, Katie Robbins

Alexis Goldstein, Reverend Billy, Katie Robbins

Whistleblower Alexis Goldstein:

“Goldstein devised trading software for Deutsche Bank and Merrill Lynch. She has divulged some of Wall Street’s most closely held cultural secrets such as the phrase ‘rip the client’s face off’ which means selling some derivative ‘solution’ to a naive client such as a convent of nuns in Europe at a huge profit to the trader and to Wall Street while convincing the client that it’s the best deal they ever made. Sometimes they refer to these clients as ‘muppets.’Read More

No introduction necessary:
Reverend Billy And The Church of Stop Shopping
Watch video of
Katie Robbins of Occupy Wall Street and Health Care NOW!

Carne Ross, Former UK Senior Diplomat, On PBS

Carne Ross, Former UK Senior Diplomat, On PBS

Carne Ross, Former Senior UK Diplomat who testified on the Iraq war fraud, confronts establishment pundit Niall Ferguson on alternative banking:

“My name is Carne Ross. Amongst other things, I’m a former British diplomat and a member of the Occupy Wall Street Working Group on Alternative Banking here in New York City. Do we have any reason to believe that a central bank would be any less vulnerable to the enormous political power of the banking industry? If one’s answer to that is the scepticism that I feel about your solution, surely we should take much more radical steps to re-appropriate what is essentially a public good – namely the means of exchange – that has in fact been appropriated by a viciously aggressive and greedy industry. In other words, change the nature of banking, make it completely different from our current conception, make it democratic, make it transparent, build cooperative banks that are owned by its customers, completely change our model.” Read More

Occupy Astoria LIC Meets With Rep. Carolyn Maloney

OALIC - Maloney meeting, April 21, 2012
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A group of 15 members of Occupy Astoria LIC met this morning with Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY-14) for more than an hour at her offices in Astoria. We asked for her help in defending fundamental rights in light of recent unconstitutional provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act, which give the executive branch discretion to suspend habeas corpus and court review of evidence against citizens accused of supporting terrorism. The discussion ranged over several other subjects from banking to the assault on women’s rights. Reports and minutes of the meeting shall follow. Please download the document to read the statement delivered at the start of the meeting as a means of introducing the Congresswoman to Occupy Astoria LIC, our visions and grievances.

Statement to Rep. Maloney, April 21, 2012