Collective Agreements (Code of Conduct)

Occupy Astoria LIC General Assembly

Collective Agreements – As ratified on July 29, 2012

By participating in Occupy Astoria LIC, we consent to the following agreements:

– We are here to listen, participate, work and collaborate on constructive actions and activities for our neighborhood and our world.
– We welcome and seek to encourage marginalized voices and members of all communities within our neighborhood to have a say in our group.
– We do not welcome verbal abuse towards anyone, either in person or through the communication channels used by Occupy Astoria LIC, such e-mail, web and forum.
– We will not tolerate individual, racial, class, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic agendas that seek to divide or alienate.
– We are committed to respecting each other and our hosts/allies who allow us to use their facilities.

This means:

– Zero tolerance for physical violence or intimidation towards anyone.
– We do not tolerate the use of Occupy Astora LIC communication channels to make false accounts of our activities or to otherwise disrupt our political and community work.
– We do not tolerate abuse of personal or shared property.
– We do not tolerate illegal drugs inside of General Assembly.
– We do not tolerate alcohol at our gatherings except at social functions where it is explicitly allowed.

In addition:

– We take care of one other and the spaces we are in, and strive to start on time.
– We de-escalate and stay grounded.
– We honor facilitators, speakers and listeners by keeping noise down (silence cell phones, avoid side conversations during meetings, etc.).
– We don’t abuse points of process, procedures or information to make personal points or jump stack.
– At each meeting we include open time for members to speak whatever is on their minds.

If someone continually breaks these agreements, the General Assembly shall nominate 2 people to first seek to resolve the issue privately with the individual. If this fails, the issue may then be brought to the General Assembly. The General Assembly may consent to exclude that individual from the General Assembly for 30 days. The General Assembly may also consent to bar that individual from all resources such as forums and mailing lists for 30 days. After 30 days, they may request a review of their standing with the General Assembly, given that the Assembly consents, former members will be readmitted to GA. But if they break any of the agreements again they may, by the consent of the GA, be denied access for another 30 days. More than three official disruptions and that person may, by consent, be banned permanently from the Astoria/Long Island City GA. In the case of online abuses, our group’s Internet working group may choose to suspend posting and mailing rights prior to a GA decision.