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Occupy Astoria LIC Forum - Registration

NOTE: To register, please read everything below. If you agree to the terms, you must click above on "agree" and then complete the form on the next page.

YOU MUST ALSO PLEASE SEND A MAIL TO THE FORUM ADMIN. Otherwise we will never know you have registered. (We apologize for this measure, which is necessary to block spam.)

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By registering as a member so as to acquire posting privileges on the Occupy Astoria LIC Forum at, you agree to the following terms:

FORUM PURPOSE. This forum is a common space for peaceful, civil discussion and exchange. All are welcome. The purpose is for members of the Occupy Astoria LIC community to communicate with each other and with our neighbors in Long Island City and the larger area of NYC and beyond.

YOUR PARTICIPATION. You are requested to use your real name in registering, although this is not required. You are encouraged to post news and announcements and whatever else concerns you, and to take part in talk, debate and cooperative research. You are encouraged to join us, learn about our group and our activities, and come participate with us in person.

MODERATION. You are asked to familiarize yourself with the different sub-forums and post your subjects in the appropriate sub-forum. You agree that Occupy Astoria LIC moderators have the right to move, remove, edit or close any topic should we see fit. You are asked to go easy on the moderators, who are volunteers and doing the best they can.

PRIVACY. Any private information you give in registering will be stored in the forum database. This information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent. However, neither nor phpBB shall be held responsible for any hacking attempt that may lead to the data being compromised.

LEGAL MATTERS. As a user you understand that any material you publish on the forums here is displayed to the public. By registering here you agree not to post abusive, slanderous, hateful, threatening or pornographic material, or any material that may violate the laws of your home country, the United States, or International Law. You agree not to attack or flood the forum and not to post spam, commercial advertisements or unsolicited promotions. Please do not post copyrighted works without permission (with the exception of non-commercial fair use).

PERSONAL CONDUCT. You agree to treat other forum members with respect and civility, and not to engage in racist or sexist abuse or other bigotry. You agree in particular not to engage in or support the dissemination of propaganda on behalf of neo-fascist parties. You agree not to use the forum to undermine the purpose of the forum, of the website, or of Occupy Astoria LIC. You agree not to register as a user here if you are engaging covertly in surveillance, intelligence, recruitment or sabotage on behalf of an agency of government or a group hostile to our purposes. You agree to announce overtly if you are posting here on behalf of a political party, business, religious organization, or any entity other than yourself, or engaging in sales and commercial activities. Violating these rules may lead to you being banned immediately and permanently, with notification to your Internet Service Provider if deemed required by us. IP addresses of all posts are recorded to aid in enforcing these conditions.

CHANGES. These terms may change at any time and changes will be announced prominently on the board.

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