Mission Statement – OA-LIC

Mission Statement for Occupy Astoria Long Island City (O.A.L.I.C.)

(As consensed by General Assembly, Dec. 2, 2012. This is to be viewed as a living document; a work in progress which can be amended or edited as deemed necessary.)

We are O.A.L.I.C., a democratic and non-violent movement in solidarity
with the Occupy movements across the country and justice movements around the world. As a local movement, our aim is to to take positive action here in Astoria/Long Island City to help build a more just, vibrant, empowered and democratic community together. This means putting the power to make decisions about our community directly into the hands of the people who live and work here.

For far too long we have felt powerless in the face of many injustice foisted on us by corrupt government and mega-corporations. Our spirits have been lifted by coming together and participating in the Occupy movement. Our sense of belonging has been restored and our apathy is being exchanged for engagement. Together, we resolve to use this transformative energy in order to revitalize and defend our neighborhoods.

The O.A.L.I.C. General Assembly is an open space that seeks to give people of Astoria/L.I.C. a place to meet and discuss issues affecting our community and our world. The General Assembly is also a space to build community and help residents come together to initiate projects through O.A.L.I.C. We welcome all people; the greater our diversity of voices and perspectives, the stronger we stand and the better able we are to interpret the needs of our community and act upon them. If, at the GA’s, you require translation, we will work to provide it.

We know that as part of the 99%, together we stand stronger than any of us
stands alone, even as we confer respect on each individual. We seek to improve existing institutions and to create alternative institutions in our neighborhoods, communities and society, based on the values of democracy, inclusion, cooperation, social justice and environmental sustainability.